SonarQube 10.3 Developer - disabling Gitlab vulnerability synchronization


Each time I’m doing a scan, I’m getting “Impossible to perform synchronization of changed Gitlab vulnerabilities” error. I use SonarQube 10.3 Developer (as a Docker container) and latest GitLab Community Edition (16.6.1 as of now) and I know this feature is available only with GitLab Ultimate license, so I want to turn it off, because I want to get rid of this warning, while not losing access to other DevOps integration features. How could I do it?

Hello @suprovsky,
Thanks for the feedback, this problem is already on our radar. And it is being tracked with this Jira. In version 10.3 it is not possible to disable it completely, but we are working on a fix that will prevent that warning from being raised in the analysis.

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