DevOps Platform Integration unlinked

I have several projects that use GitLab as the DevOps Platform.

After upgrading to Version 10.2.1 (build 78527), the projects have become “unlinked” as I cannot see anything on the project Branches and Pull Requests page, and I cannot see anything on the overview page for the project.

I tried to relink them by picking the DevOps “configuration” and re-entering the ID for the project, but it just sits there and spins after clicking “Save”

I also double checked a valid Global DevOps configuration, and all is good there:


Any help would be appreciated!

Expanding on this issue…

Merge Request analysis is working just fine, whenever a MR is created or updated.

However, when I click to view the results in SonarQube, it does not limit the results to be issues reported in that analysis. It just shows all issues in the entire repository.

Previous version was 9.9

Hey @dprenshaw

Are you sure that you upgraded to the Developer/Enterprise Edition of 10.2.1, and not accidentally the Community Edition?

We were able to force an Elasticsearch reindex, and this seemed to solve the issue. There must have been an issue with our upgrade process, as I thought it performed a reindex automatically after upgrading.