Multiple gitlab integration

  • which versions are you using
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this:

I would like to integrate multiple GitLab community editions server with our Sonarqube server. So far what I understand we can join only one GitLab server to the Sonarqube.

Could you shed some light on this?


Hi @kenotsolutions ,

You can do this in SonarQube Enterprise Edition and above.

In Community and Developer Editions, you can connect multiple providers but only 1 server of each Code Repository Platform (e.g. 1 GitLab server, 1 GitHub server, 1 BitBucket server…).

By the way, your SonarQube version is way out of date and unsupported. The minimum supported version is today 8.9 LTS.

Best regards,

I checked our license for Developer Edition.

Hi @Daniel_Meppiel ,

Just wondering how multiple providers of the same type can be configured and is there any drawbacks?
We have 8.9 LTS Enterprise Edition, so I assume we can achieve it.


Hi @shpilsuper ,

You can configure this under Administration > DevOps Platform Integrations.
Only drawback is that you won’t be able to use the Project Import feature. You will need to create SonarQube projects manually.
And yes, you can do this on Enterprise Edition and above.


Thanks for your reply @Daniel_Meppiel

I’ve already create one connection and trying to create another I’m getting the following message:

I haven’t found what exactly does this message mean. From what I understand it will stop the first connection I’ve created. Can you please clarify it for me?


Hi Ihor,

This does not mean that the previous connection will be stopped. Both connections will be working and available.

What this message means is that you won’t be able to benefit from the “Project Import” feature, which allows you to create a project in an assisted step by step wizard. See below:

Once you have more than 1 connection to the same DevOps platform, you will be able to create projects manually.

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