SonarLint with C++ using Unreal Engine 4?

The website claims “C++” support. But it doesn’t work.

It just says:
Project’s “Configuration type” is not supported.
Saving notifications settings…
Saving notifications settings…
Loading notifications settings…
Project’s “Configuration type” is not supported.

In the output log.

How can I get it to work with unreal engine 4?

Hello @decilgang,

I’m not familiar with Unreal Engine, and how you are building it. Are you using a project with .vcxproj files? We use those files to know the configuration necessary to understand the code.

There is a solution file, and then there’s a bunch of sub-projects which are added.

The solution explorer looks like this:

Hi @decilgang :wave: welcome to the community.

Thanks for raising this issue. We do not support Unreal Engine projects at the moment.
I’ve opened a github issue that you can follow.

Feel free to watch it for future developments.