SonarLint (VS 2022 Extension) doesn't manage to scan some c++ file

On our code C++ base we are running sonarqube (enterprise edition v 9.9) on a regular basis. To ease developer work, we would like to deploy sonarLint in connected mode so that we can catch findings the earliest possible

Nevertheless, I am facing the issue that it seems that SonarLint is missing some of the “critical issues” found by Sonarqube (rule cpp:S3519).
When opening the target file under VS 2022 running SonarLint (v7.1.0 ), I get some of the findings in the output message, but not all .
So I checked the SonarLint output message and got this:

Refreshing PCH file for C:\XXX\src\harmonisation.cpp. PCH file location: C:\Users\mgur\AppData\Local\Temp\SLVS\PCH\33712268-25df-4d33-8826-2feacf674ecd\PCH.preamble
[SecretsAnalyzer] Analyzing C:\XXX\src\harmonisation.cpp
Loaded settings from "C:\Users\mgur\AppData\Roaming\SonarLint for Visual Studio\Bindings\YYY\secrets_settings.json".
[RuleSettings] Using connected mode settings. User-specified settings in settings.json will be ignored.
[SecretsAnalyzer] Finished analyzing C:\XXX\src\WBI\harmonisation.cpp, analysis time: 0.119s
[SecretsAnalyzer] Found 0 issue(s) for C:\XXX\src\harmonisation.cpp
Loaded settings from "C:\Users\mgur\AppData\Roaming\SonarLint for Visual Studio\Bindings\YYY\cpp_settings.json".
[RuleSettings] Using connected mode settings. User-specified settings in settings.json will be ignored.
[CFamily] Calculating effective rule settings...
[CFamily] Note: the following CFamily rules are not available in SonarLint: cpp:S5536, c:S5536, cpp:S4830, c:S4830, cpp:S5527, c:S5527
[CLangAnalyzer] Analyzing C:\XXX\src\harmonisation.cpp
Execution cancelled.
[CLangAnalyzer] Aborted analysis of C:\XXX\src\harmonisation.cpp, analysis has been re-triggered or has timed-out.

Could “this abort” explain the fact that issues are missing ?
Why does it abort ?
Why some issues reported by sonarqube are not there ?
Is there a way to fix it (as the exact same code is properly analyzed by Sonarqube) ? : is there some timeout we could fix

the code to analyze is compiling properly.
the code is less than 2000 lines long

Thank you in advance for your support

Best Regards


Hi @mgur - welcome to the community.

I am getting S3519 issues raised in the IDE:

  1. Does S3519 get raised if you create a new code file that just contains the example non-compliant code from the rule description?

  2. Are any Sonar C++ issues being raised for the harmonisation.cpp?

  3. Do you always see the timeout message when analysing that file?