Sonarlint runs analysis on open editors multiple times in IntelliJ

version of Sonarlint IntelliJ 4.11

  • Open a multi module project in Intellij which is configured with a sonar qube server
  • Open several files like 7
  • Configure the IDE to auto build and do parallel builds on modules in compiler settings.
  • Close and Open the project again.

The sonarlint runs after indexing and as soon as auto builds are finish it runs again. Since parallel builds results in multiple builds, for each finishing build the sonarlint is executed for opened files.

This cause a high memory spike in the IDE.


I was able to partly reproduce what you describe. After opening the project I can see 2 different batches of analysis. The first one is triggered for the files that are opened, and we launch as many analysis as opened files. The second one is triggered when the auto-build finishes, and we again launch as many analysis as opened files.

I think we could at least avoid one of the two batches. I opened a ticket to tackle that: Feel free to observe it to get updates.

Having ‘parallel builds’ enabled does not change anything. We receive a single notification for the whole project when build is finished. We trigger as many analyses as files because they are located in different modules.

Thanks for the report!