SonarLint Plugin IntelliJ IDE Group By Critical or Blocker

Dear SonarQube Community,
I used SonarLint Plugin to analyze code in my project with IntelliJ IDE . The report result group by name class java. It’s very difficult to locate Critical or Blocker issues quickly!
What do me do for that ? Can SonarLint support it?
Thank Team so much!

Hi @TraiTran

This is not very high on our priority list, but you can vote/follow/add your use case to this thread:

For us SonarLint should be mainly used for the “on-the-fly” analysis, where you fix issues as you code.
Analyzing all your project is not a feature we like to promote, in particular because it may produce a lot of issues, and then it is hard to do something useful with all those informations. We even discourage trying to fix issues on code you are not editing for a good reason: