SonarLint on VS: use


It would be great for the VS extension to be able to read settings from a file. We would need to specify the path to this file in an option (or a json file).

Thanks is dedicated to scanner analysis. Many properties inside do not make sense in SonarLint, that’s why we never tried to read from it. Specifying the use case and the properties you would like SonarLint to pick could help us to reconsider.

I see, but let me argue.

this file contains interesting properties for the linter:

  • the project key on the server
  • may contain the credentials (token)

So we can version it on git, and the developer who clones the repo and wants live sonar scans does not have to configure anything to make it work (project+creds already present). If we supply in addition a correct VSCode workspace, it does not have neither to set the path to the file as the workspace settings will contain the information.

In other words, it’s plug and play.