SonarLint not highlighting all SonarCloud errors in VSCode

Hey there!
I am using SonarLint extension with VSCode and IntelliJ.
I followed up the official docs
Both are connected to the same SonarCloud project to check rules over TS and VUE files.
Both are working and highlighting code smells on the fly.

But for some reason SonarLint detects different code smells depending on the IDE


Works in VSCode but not in IntelliJ

  const requestData = await service.getData(optionalParameter!);
// Warning: Forbidden non-null assertion.sonarlint(typescript:S2966)

Works in IntelliJ but not in VSCode

<div v-if="variable == 'value'">
// Warning: Comparison variable == value may cause unexpected type coercion 

Both warnings were not shown before implementing the SonarLint setup (so I assume they are triggered by SonarLint) and also both code smells are detected by SonarCloud quality gate when the pipeline is updated.
Same happens with other code smells.

Could anyone give me any clue of how can I configure SonarLint to follow the same rules independently of the IDE?

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the community!

Could you share your SonarLint versions, please?