SonarLint + IntelliJ + Module settings?

Hi Everybody.
I the company I work for we are using SonarLint in our IDE and a SonarQube server where some global rules are defined.

In eclipse everything is a project and there is (as far as I know, as I don’t use eclipse) no issue with the current behavior.

But In intelliJ, most often you use modules.

Unfortunately there is no option in sonar lint to define what sonarqube project should apply to what module.

Is it possible to add such feature ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

This is indeed a missing feature that we already identified in the past, and given its high number of votes it should come to a release of SonarLint for IntelliJ early next year.

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thanks for the fast feedback and for taking this into consideration :slight_smile:

Hello @alain57 ,
FYI, we just released a new version of SonarLint supporting module-level binding in IntelliJ IDEs.


thanks it works nice :wink: