SonarLint integration with VS Solution Explorer

(Wayne Vetrone) #1

On my team, some of the members have SonarLint displaying in their solution explorer and others do not. We have tried everything to fix it (except the solution :slight_smile: )

Any suggestions

(Amaury Levé) #2

Hi @wvetrone,

Are you talking about the Team Explorer tab or really the Solution Explorer one? If you do mean Solution Explorer when you say “displaying” are you referring to files/projects being underlined when they have issues?


(Wayne Vetrone) #3

Solution Explorer. The squigglies (techical term. :slight_smile: ) are not underlines. Moreover the IDE in the source code is not working.

I know I have done all the steps of binding and run code analysis. I checked the .sonar dir and files and they are there.

We are running VS 2015 on Win 10.