SonarLint for VSCode 1.22.0 released - Stop reporting issues as errors

Hello VSCode users,
with this new SonarLint release, we decided to stop reporting SonarLint issues at DiagnosticSeverity.Error level in VSCode, in order to avoid confusion with compilation errors.
From this version, SonarLint issues will be mapped as follows:

  • BLOCKER, CRITICAL & MAJOR → DiagnosticSeverity.Warning
  • MINOR → DiagnosticSeverity.Information

Here a few more highlights from this version:

  • We added support for TypeScript 4.2
  • SonarLint now reports correctly TypeScript issues in Vue.js components
  • We added 6 new rules for Java
  • We improved the display of issues secondary locations

You can read the full release notes here.

I hope you enjoy this new SonarLint version; do not hesitate to leave us your feedback!

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