SonarLint for Visual Studio v6.16 - Support CSS analysis

We’ve just released a new version of SonarLint that aims at helping you deliver Clean Code for the front-end part of your application. In fact, SonarLint for Visual Studio initially supported C#, VB.NET, C and C++ analysis; we later added JavaScript, then TypeScript and this month we are adding CSS analysis. HTML is still not supported, and we have plan to add it as well in the future.

SonarLint can detect different bugs and code smells in your CSS files, and the list of supported rules can be consulted here.

This version provide several new rules and improvements as well:

  • 3 new rules for VB.NET and 1 new rule for C#, along with several fixes for False Positives.
  • Plenty of new rules for TypeScript (more details here).

You can find the release notes in GitHub.


EDIT 16MAY2023: We encountered an issue with the release process, and the latest version of SonarLint for Visual Studio is still not available in the Visual Studio marketplace. We will keep you posted when the problem is solved. In the meanwhile, you can download the latest version artifacts from GitHub.

EDIT2 16MAY2023: Release problems are now solved, you can update SonarLint from the Visual Studio marketplace. :partying_face:

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can you provide one example in the CSS where I will get a suggestion?

Hi @Pedro_Mota,

many official CSS rules we are supporting have example code in them regarding compliant or non-compliant code, like THIS rule. All the other rules for CSS are provided HERE for you to be checked out :slight_smile:
SonarLint will find those flaws in the specific file and mark this issue for you.


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