SonarLint for Emacs

Hello everyone!

I’m Fermin, a programmer from Spain and I’ve been developing an Emacs package for Sonarlint Language Server.

Emacs have a great plugin support for LSP related servers, so I used lsp-mode package to build a client for the sonarlint tool.

Right now it support all the (free) sonarlint standalone language plugins (java, python, xml, html, javascript, typescript, php, scala and ruby) it support the native code actions with html rendering, and of course multiple plugin at once.

In the not distant future, I will try to implement the sonarqube connection, which seems a little bit tricky.

Right now the extension is usable and stable.

This is the project lsp-sonarlint, right now is on a pull request to add it to the main Emacs repository Melpa, here.

This is my email if someone have any question:

Thank you!


Hello, welcome to our community and thank you for the announcement!

As a long time Emacs user, I welcome this addition to the editor integrations - and as a SonarLint developer, I am glad to see our language server reused in the wild :slight_smile:

Good luck with the implementation of the connected mode, there are indeed a few tricky parts - and please don’t hesitate to trigger discussions on this forum if you have any question!

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Thank you!

I was able to connect to a sonnarqube instance, but , indeed I have some question that I will ask at some point, thanks again for the help :+1:.

Quick update: The package was accepted in the Melpa repository and in the emacs-lsp group, (melpa link lsp-sonarlint), also in the near future, there would be an informative web page, similar to lsp-mode to have the documentation more organize :+1:.

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I moved this thread to “suggest new feature” category so that interested people can vote for it if they are interested by an official support from SonarSource.