Sonarlint eclipse plugin page links to wrong issue tracker

The sonar lint plugin page for eclipse:

Links the issue tracker (bottom left) to be located there:

After registering there I noticed that I didn’t have permission to create a bug-report there.
Which is confusing at best. If it isn’t meant to report issues for the public, why do you allow creating a new account there?

Please mention on the plugin page that the community is supposed to report bugs here(?) in this forum.


Welcome to the community and thanks for raising this point.

Currently our Jira instance doesn’t let users outside of SonarSource create tickets. You can only comment on existing tickets. The right spot for users to raise issues and get help is this community website.

While we don’t plan to open our Jira to every user, I agree with you that we should be more explicit about that fact on and clearly encourage users to use this forum.

I will open a discussion internally.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback

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