SonarLint doesn't show rules under any profile other then Sonar Way

  • Versions used SonarLint, Inteliji 2020.3 Community Edition, SonarQube * Community Edition Version 8.5.1 (build 38104)
  • There is no error found in the log
  • To recreate create Spring boot project and add java class. Add a bug activated under FindBug profile. Mark the FindBug as default profile on your SonarQube. Bind SonarLint with the SonarQube. SonarLinq wont recognize the bug.
    Add another bug to your code activated under Sonar Way profile, update bindings.The SonarLint will recognize the problem.

Hello Diana,

Thanks for joining the community, and for raising this issue!

It seems that you are using the FindBugs third-party analyzer. As mentioned in our FAQ:

Third party analyzers are not executed in SonarLint
Some issues may be reported in SonarQube by a plugin leveraging a third party analyzer (PMD, Checkstyle, ESLint, PyLint, …). SonarLint will only run rules from SonarSource analyzers including custom rules extending SonarSource analyzers . Third party analyzers usually have their own IDE integration, so we have no plan to run them in SonarLint.

Hope this answers your question.
Thanks again

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