Sonarlint Connected Mode: supported in Codespaces / Gitpod?


could not find the detailed answer to the question:
Is Connected Mode of SonarLint to Sonar Cloud working in on hosted instances of VSCode like Githubs Codespaces or Gitpod?
If yes, are there any differences in the field of functionality compared to local mode?

looked into:

Many thanks!

As long as that environment has access to SonarCloud, it should work fine. We announced support for Codespaces about a year ago.

The only known limitation is the following (and I believe only relevant for SonarQube).

When running in Connected Mode with SonarQube 8.6 and above, and browsing a security hotspot, a button will be available offering to open the hotspot in SonarLint (with SonarLint already running in VSCode). Limitation: this feature relies on local communication between your web browser and SonarLint, and consequently is not available in some remote environments such as GitPod, or GitHub CodeSpaces.

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