SonarLint connected mode - support for new language

I have a question regarding support for custom language that I added on my sonarQube server instance.
I succesfully managed to add option to scan and inspect code for language that I needed on sonarQube server.
Now I have questions regarding sonarLint :

  1. Is it possible to configurate sonarLint to use rules from that language (Even with connected mode I don’t see my language in Rules section in sonarLint settings) ?

  2. Is it possible to connect sonarLint with same issue location as on sonarQube server? ( I mean by that - if in scan on sonarQube for example we have issue location on file 24.10 - 24.20 - that we can also mark that in sonarLint)

  3. If there isn’t any fast way to configurate sonarLint to my custom language - is it possible to extend sonarLint on my own? (Any hints on how to do it?)

  4. If there isn’t option to extend sonarLint to other languages - is it possible to extend let’s say Java language to scan different extensions with it’s rules? (Let’s say that I want that Java rules would also scan .py files)

I know that there are similar question regarding sonarLint and integretion - but in some topics it’s mentioned that most SonarSource analyzers installed on the server will be downloaded and used by SonarLint and in some other topics that there isn’t support for custom languages (I undestand correctly that if analyzer installed on server will be downloaded by sonarLint only if it’s from main 6 languages in intelliJ?

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Kotlin
  • Ruby
  • PHP

Best regards

Hi @D3B3st

Contrary to SonarQube, SonarLint is not open to third party analyzers. SonarLint (even in connected mode) will only run analyzers developed by SonarSource.