Sonarlint automatic project binding update at startup

I deployed Sonarlint for VS code in our dev teams since it is available for PL/SQL code.
This is great.
Now I created custom rules (using XPath) to match with our naming conventions and I deployed them.

Something that is a little bit annoying is that the developers must do a manual SonarLint.UpdateAllBindings to have the new rules available in Visual Studio Code.

Could it be possible to do automatically SonarLint.UpdateAllBindings when VS Code start and load extensions ? Update runs in background and is fast so no impact for the user.

Thanks in advance

Hello, thank you for your suggestion!

This looks similar to another feature request on this forum, I suggest that you add your voice there - this will help us consolidate feedback and interest in such a feature.

Also for your information, UX improvements on connected mode are on our roadmap for later this year, and automatic update of bindings (when appropriate) is definitely something that we consider.

Cool, happy to read that.
I will add my request in other topic.


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