Automatically update bindings and rules


(CSchulz) #1

It would be nice if it is possible to allow sonarlint to update automatically its bindings and rules f.e. every day if connection is available.

I think the normal developer will not think about updating the bindings regularly so it can happen that they are locally diverged.

(Chris Caspanello) #2

I agree! If it can’t be done for some technical/performance reason; maybe just make it more obvious to the developer that the bindings are out of date.

(Jérémy L.) #3

In IntelliJ, I receive this kind of notification when opening my project in the Even log panel : Configuration update: Configuration changed on SonarQube server '<server-name>'. Update now


(wolf99) #4

+1 on this.
I have no idea when things are updated on the server, am I supposed to just update the local cache every time I use SonarLint?! :expressionless: