SonarLint 10.5: File system cache errors cause crash

Regarding using the recent update with IntelliJ 2024.1.
A colleague of mine experienced the following:

A ThreadDump was not available since it crashed.

Hi @dalemb,

Can you verify that your colleague is using 10.5?


Hi Ann,

he used the same as me → SonarLint

Kr Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for confirming. I’ve split this to a new topic since it appears (to me) to be a different error.

I’m going to flag this for the SonarLint experts. On your side, could you invite your colleague to the thread so you’re not forced to be the intermediary indefinitely?


Hi @dalemb, thank you for your report! We were unaware of this issue, so I created this ticket.

If it ever happens again, could you please share the full stack trace? Also, it would help us greatly if you could tell us which file it failed in. As I understand, we try to get a virtual file’s length (filesize), which appears to cause this issue. Perhaps this is a binary file? Do you have any huge files in your project?

In any case, we will improve the behavior for the next release.

As far as I know, we do not have huge files.

It also happen for somebody else trying to update from 2023.3.6 to 2024.1.
He had the same error, but after a restart it appears to be working, we’ll keep an eye on it.

This would the according thread dump:
threadDump-20240503-100443.txt (443.3 KB)