Sonarkube error on gitlab

I have installed sonarqube on docker 8 version and i am trying to connect with my gitlab CICD pipeline its throw this error below .Please let me know if anyone have idea.

12:51:18.367 DEBUG: Get bootstrap index... 12:51:18.367 DEBUG: Download: http://XXXXXXX:9000/batch/index 12:51:18.419 ERROR: SonarQube server [http://XXXXXXX:9000] can not be reached 12:51:18.419 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12:51:18.419 INFO: EXECUTION FAILURE 12:51:18.419 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12:51:18.420 INFO: Total time: 0.664s 12:51:18.437 INFO: Final Memory: 3M/89M


This error is telling you that the scanner can’t contact the server. Things to check:

  • the SonarQube server URL is correctly configured for analysis
  • the server is available on the network and reachable from the analysis machine
  • there’s no proxy / firewall in between interfering with the connection.


server Url is access from my browser and also there is no firewall rules and sever is reachable by gitlab also from anlayisis machine


I’m not sure what else to tell you.