Can't reach SONAR_HOST_URL


I am trying to configure GitLab Pipeline to analyze my code. I followed this instruction GitLab CI/CD | SonarQube Docs.

My gitlab-ci.yml

. I have also tries to specify SONAR_TOKEN and SONAR_HOST_URL in GitLab’s variables settings.

When i try to run this pipeline it fails with this log:
ERROR: SonarQube server https://sonarqube.*****.com can not be reached

INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------


INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Total time: 0.742s

INFO: Final Memory: 3M/56M

Hey there.

Taking the scanner out of it, what happens if you execute a curl from the job? such as curl https://sonarqube.*****.com/api/server/version?

Basically – are you sure there’s connectivity between your Gitlab runner and the SonarQube server?