SonarJS is getting excluded from SonarCloud binding with SonarLint

In our IDE (Intellij 2019.2), when we update the binding to the latest provided by sonarcloud (Using SonarLint, the SonarJS plugin gets disabled and isn’t used to analyze our files locally.

In our plugin folder, we can see that it downloaded sonar-javascript-plugin-, but it never loads it.

From our log in Intellij:

Create : /Users/Username/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea2019.2/sonarlint/plugins
Plugin cache: /Users/Username/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea2019.2/sonarlint/plugins
Create : /Users/Username/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea2019.2/sonarlint/plugins/_tmp
Load plugins
Code analyzer 'SonarJS' is transitively excluded in this version of SonarLint. Skip loading it.
Load plugins (done) | time=76ms
  * SonarPython (python)
  * SonarKotlin (kotlin)
  * SonarTSQL (tsql)
  * SonarApex (sonarapex)
  * SonarPLSQL (plsql)
  * SonarRuby (ruby)
  * SonarScala (sonarscala)
  * License for SonarLint (license)
  * SonarJava (java)
  * SonarCOBOL (cobol)
  * SonarHTML (web)
  * SonarXML (xml)
  * SonarPHP (php)
  * SonarABAP (abap)
Using storage for server 'SonarCloud' (last update 10/24/19, 12:51 PM)

If we disable the “Bind Project to SonarQube / SonarCloud” in Intellij, we’re able to analyze our files locally on our machine again. But when we turn on the binding to SonarCloud, it won’t load SonarJS and it can’t analyze any files locally.

We had another developer who had an older configuration binding from SonarCloud (~30 old) and their SonarJS did load, and it analyzed their local files. But as soon as they updated their binding with SonarCloud, SonarJS refused to load and they couldn’t run an analysis on their files.

Is there change recently with SonarCloud preventing our plugin from loading?

Hi @Kyle,

Thanks a lot for reporting this! Due to the migration of JS/TS analysis to a new frontend this problem arises. We plan to work this out on SonarLint side so check for updates around next week (you can follow on this ticket)

For your information, a new version of SonarLint for IntelliJ has been released, with the fix for this problem.


Thanks! I saw the update come through this morning. :+1: