SonarGraph Integration error with Swift only project

SonarScanner Version: 4.5.1
Swift-Plugin: 4.1

Each SonarQube Analysis of a Swift only project we get an error, which makes our build task red, meaning failing.

This is the error:

##[error]WARN: Sonargraph Integration: Skipping project PROJECT_NAME [PROJECT_IDENTIFIER], since no Sonargraph rules are activated in current SonarQube quality profile [PROFILE_NAME].

Of course we want to avoid this error. How do we configure our project that SonarGraph is not not involved?

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Hi Simon

It is not possible to deactivate a specific plugin for a specific project

I don’t understand, this is a warning message - why would your build task be red? Is it configured to fail on warnings?

Hi Andrei,

it is in fact a warning, but it gets propagated somehow through the error channel:

##[error]WARN: Sonargraph Integration: Skipping project

At the moment it is not failing, but in the build summary we always get these messages, which is kind of annoying since it always takes some time to see if it is this known warning or something new. We like to have our build free of any warning :slight_smile:

Indeed, that was a problem on our side. Starting version 3.3 of SonarQube Scanner CLI, warnings are not passed to the stderr anymore.

The Sonargraph plugin is provided by a 3rd party (not us), so you could contact the vendor to see if they could make a change.

That is great! Didn’t know about the new version 3.3 and its fix. We will install 3.3. The problem should be solved.

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Hi Andrei,

we already had 3.3 installed on the agents.

But as we checked our build agents we found out that the VSTS Plugin still uses Version

Is there any option to change the binary which is used or are there plans to update the used version to the newest release soon?

Hi Simon,

A version of sonar-scanner-vsts with the fix in it should be released by the end of the month.

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