SonarCube, the way it process checks

Hi Guys,

I am working in Hawk AI company currently. I try charm the team to use it. The thing is than I must prove them, than it do little bit more than glue spotbugs, pmd, checkstyle itp itd.

To clarify, I already know it have ui, can manage such rules easy and ping by mail the issues creators. I just received from them than we can do same thing with just change our current settings in build tools.
Well, I believe than Sonar is doing much more and tried to find a good architecture and other arguments to introduce them.

Can You little bit tell me more about it? Do You have some cool articles/docs, which You are ok to share?

My intention is to met on ones of monday on architecture meeting and give few arguments with contr argument than Sonar is just glue of that build smell checkers and try to charm set others is worth to set it on :slight_smile:


I wrote first threw contact form of Sonar offical page :slight_smile: The Fabio Gos recommend me ask here as perfect for that place.

Wish You a god day,

Hi Bartek,

Welcome to the community!

Hope this reply doesn’t come too late to be useful.

In fact, SonarQube started as an aggregator for other tools, but it hasn’t been that in quite some time. In fact, we’ve written and implemented hundreds of our own rules across 29 languages. Starting in Developer Edition($) there’s also taint analysis and PR decoration.

There’s a lot more - too much to list speculatively, in fact. If you have specific areas of interest, let us know & we’ll try to help out.


Hi Ann,

Thank You for response. It’s good to hear that You do more than aggregate other tools. It will be more easy to charm the others as that was their ‘against’ strongest argument than everything can be done with the tools we have now.

Do You have any good actual architecture article, which can show that?

Do You have some implemented by Sonar team rules for presentation show case?

Like let’s say 3 for Java, which are awesome :wink:

My mission is to add SonarQube to analyze the code and let people pin it up with SonarLint.

I want make a presentation, where I will give them some good arguments and deny their one → “Sonar is just a glue of tools like checkstyle, pmd, spotbugs. We can adjust the rule sets and have the same result on build level”.

We mainly work in Java, JS and Python.

I tried to find something on internet, but fail.

So far the most architecture like doc I found is Architecture and Integration | SonarQube Docs, but it is for older version.
The current version have something similar much simpler SonarQube Documentation | SonarQube Docs

It’s not too late, I just need to prepare and show it to Hawk AI company :stuck_out_tongue:
I was working with Sonar before and was happy with it :slight_smile:

Can You help me a little bit? :slight_smile:


If you’re looking for a diagram, take a look here.

For rules (and issues), feel free to check out our internal production/dogfooding instance. (Note that I’ve pre-loaded that link with some interesting search parameters, but you can certainly clear those out when you land on the page & poke around freely).