SonarClud UI/UX improvement: add "copy reference" button

User Story

As a user, I walk through issues in my repository. I clicked on an issue, analyzed it and I would like to open the corresponding code place in my favorite IDE for fixing.

Current State

To be able to get a reference and find&open issue place in my IDE I need to do one of the following actions:

  • Scroll up to the beginning of the file and pick up the class name. Then open this class in my IDE and manually find the issue place
  • Copy a nearest to the issue line of code and search for it in my IDE using full-text search (which is not optimal)

Feature proposal

  • Add the “copy reference” button in the issue alert box. I believe that the right-top corner near “permanent link” is a good place
  • Add the “filename header” to see the full file name even when exploring issues near the end of file

Both marked yellow in the example below


“Copy Reference” button should copy the link in a format:

  • <path/to/file>#L<line_num> (in our example: com/exonum/binding/core/storage/indices/


  • <path/to/file>:<line_num> (in our example: com/exonum/binding/core/storage/indices/

Perm link to the issue where the screenshot is taken.

PS: The proposed approach works well in IntelliJ IDEA. “Go-to reference” feature should be additionally verified in other IDEs.

Hello @bullet-tooth,

We think your suggestions make sense and we created 2 tickets:

We will let you know when these will be available on SonarCloud.

Thanks a lot!

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