Link to Line of code in a file

It would be useful during reviews of SonarQube reports to be able to link to a line of code inside of SonarQube. At the moment remote reviews involve linking to a file and then people having to scroll around because ctrl-f does not work either.

Hi @nicksterx,

Thanks for this suggestion. By link to a line of code do you mean something like this?

And by SonarQube reports do you mean the security hotspot review page available in SonarQube 8.2?

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That is nice!

A better example for me would be if I am looking at duplicate code I can see what file and what lines are duplicated but I have to navigate myself over there.


I would like to be able to click the line numbers to take me to that place in the file. Or click the file name to take me to the entire file.

Hi @nicksterx,

I just tested on SonarQube 8.1 and this is already possible. Clicking on the file name or line numbers will open a little window showing the corresponding duplicated code.

So your suggestion was already accepted :wink: Do you see any other place where this is missing?

All the duplication issues I tried were showing secondary locations on the the first or last occurence.

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