SonarCloud webhook sending invalid pull request url

Using SonarCloud webhook, the current url under the branch section is broken for pull requests and leads nowhere. They are fine when it covers information for main branches.

What used to be:
has now changed to:
the latter does not work.

Additionally, links under: are also broken in the current view though they work in the beta version of the site.

Hoping to get a fix on this soon, so that devs can use the tool more effectively!


Yes got the same issue in here.

Hoping to get a fix very soon, since our developers relied on the reporting that based on those generated URL.

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This recent change from Sonarcloud has left all our chat notification links broken for PR sonar checks. Bcoz, we rely on the “Branch.url” sent in Sonar webhook payload. And that url sent from sonarcloud is broken.


Thanks for reporting the webhook issue. We will look at it.

@geojakes could you please add screenshots for the second issue, related to links broken in the old UI, to help us locate the exact issue?


@Claire_Villard can’t really share the problem here since its a UI issue that can’t be shown in an image, but the problem boils down going to the link here:<project_id> .
This takes me to the branches and pull requests page where when I click most PRs shown under master, they just divert me back to the overview page of the project, ie<project_id>

Thanks for the explanation, I was able to reproduce the behavior. We will also have a look at that problem.

Hi y’all,

We have deployed a fix for the webhooks. Could you please test again and confirm if it works fine now?

About the broken links on the UI, you can watch the progress on that ticket


Thanks Claire. Verified on our end the fix is working. Thanks for your prompt help.

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Thank you. It looks like the webhooks are good now.

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