SonarCloud "The main branch has no lines of code" on Net Core Project

Hello Everybody

I have an unknow error in the the sonarCloud Analysis displaying the message “The main branch has no lines of code” when compiling a project in Azure DevOps the SonarCloud dashboard shows me the previously described error

The project I am compiling is a .NET CORE project and the configuration of the pipeline that executes the sonar analysis has already been used successfully in other .NET CORE projects

We have been investigating and we believe that it may be something specific to the project

could you help me with this problem?


Hi @RenzoBP and welcome to the community !

Could you please send us a Run Code Analysis task log in debug mode just to try to see what happened ?
Let us know if you need to send it via PM.


Hello Michael

i need to send the logs via PM! that could be great!

Thank for your help

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