Sonarcloud task stuck after repository rename


We recently renamed a repository in our Azure Devops repository from x to y.
Since then we experience issues with the Sonar quality gate. It is stuck in waiting status for all pull requests. The Sonar Cloud tasks in the build pipeline finishes successfully and also the link to Sonar is working. I checked all files for remnants to the old inventory name but I couldn’t find any.


I tried to re-add the quality gate the to branch policies but there was not change. Is there anything necessary to update in the repository or in Azure Devops after renaming a repository and the corresponding Sonar project.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there.

Azure DevOps should be a rare-case in SonarCloud where renaming doesn’t have an effect like this (because all information about the repository to decorate is derived from build variables in the build pipeline).

I’ll reach out for some additional details.

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Hey Colin,

thank you for the answer. I managed to fix the issue myself in the meanwhile.
I had to add the Azure Devops PAT in Sonar. This solved the issue.

Kind regards,

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