SonarCloud supports Java 21 code scanning!

Hello Java Developers,

Thanks for your patience, I know some of you expected it to come earlier but that was not as easy as planned.
Anyway, it’s there, SonarCloud supports Java 21 code scanning!

As usual, nothing special to do to start scanning your Java 21 code, just run your favourite SonarScanner and that should be it.



Thanks for all the hard work by you and the team!

Question: when will you guys update the binaries on the SonarQube download page to 10.5? Currently the version offered there is 10.4.

Support of Java 21 is only available for the moment for SonarCloud users.
For SonarQube 10.5, you will have to wait for its release … beginning of April :innocent:

Why is there more waiting time for the enterprise version? Is it because for marketing reasons to push more users to the cloud solution because it receives faster updates?

I don’t want to sound sour here but the java 21 release is already very late in my opinion so pushing it even further in the future when it is ready, is not very customer friendly.

SonarQube follows a fixed 2-month release cycle. We wanted to bring the support of Java 21 for 10.4 and for a lot of reasons, we missed the timeframe.

Hi Alexandre, it’s 2 months later now. When and in what release can we expect this for SonarQube?

So JAVA 22 is also out and we are still waiting for Java 21 … I would really appreciate it if you can provide a proper date when we can expect this support on SonarQube :slight_smile: .

Thanks for your patience.

It’s finally here with the release of SonarQube 10.5: SonarQube 10.5: the latest version from Sonar

Support of future versions of Java should come faster now that we have tackled some technical challenges preventing us from being as fast as we expected.