SonarCloud knows how to scan your Java 14 code

Hello Java developers,

We upgraded the SonarCloud Java analyzer so that it can scan your Java 14 code. Java 14 is available since March 2020 and some of you already adopted it and were expecting to scan their Java 14 code on SonarCloud. This is now possible without any change on your side.

For SonarQube users, this will be included in SonarQube 8.5.
Java 14 preview features are not yet fully supported.



Hi Alexandre,
do you know when Java 14 support will be available in the SonarQube LTS version? Thanks!


Hello Lorenzo,

No update will be provided for 7.9 LTS to enable scan of Java 14. You will have to upgrade to SQ 8.5 or wait the 8.x LTS if you have to stay on an LTS version.
More details about why this is like this are available in New language features now available exclusively in latest SonarQube versions.