Sonarcloud Support for Azure DevOps TFVC based Projects


We are new to the Sonarsource product suite and are considering using the SonarLint IDE alongside VS Code and Visual Studio 2019 and would also like to use SonarCloud alongside our Azure DevOps based projects and associated DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

The vast majority of our Azure DevOps projects have TFVC based repositories which appears to be an issue when wanting to use SonarCloud. We would really appreciate some feedback and advice to help us understand what (if any) of the SonarCloud features and existing integration with Azure DevOps are supported for TFVC based repositories?

Based on the thread ‘Cannot Import projects from Azure DevOps TFVC’ its seems that at a minimum we would need to ‘manually create’ TFVC projects within Sonarcloud rather than being able to import them, as is the case for Git based repositories?

Assuming SonarCloud manual project creation is possible for TFVC based repositories, does this then mean we could still use the SonarCloud Azure DevOps extension to configure our Azure Repos pipelines to integrate with SonarCloud code analysis, enforcement of quality gates and the SonarCloud reporting?

I imagine that other aspects of SonarCloud support for DevOps Git based repositories such as pull request integration won’t be possible and don’t have an equivalent support for TFVC?

Hello @Niall ,

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Yes, exactly. For TFVC based projects you need create a manual project on SonarCloud side.

Yes, you should still be able to use our Azure DevOps extension to set up the analysis etc.

I am not sure about this one, I’ll ask a colleague to help out.


Thanks for your response @Martin_Bednorz and also for the proposed follow-up with your colleagues to help answer what aspects of ‘SonarCloud Support for DevOps’ is not available for TFVC based projects.

I expect this information will also be very helpful to others in our position who are considering the use of SonarCloud within Azure DevOps and who currently use TFVC repositories.

Would it be possible for you to point us towards documentation or guidance on now we go about manually creating and importing TFVC projects within SonarCloud?

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