Cannot Import projects from Azure DevOps TFVC

I’m trying to import my projects from azure DevOps. I can only see only one Git repo, but all TFVC repositories are missing. Is this caused by wrong configuration or doesn’t SonarCloud support TFVC repositories?

Hi @Alexandrascg and welcome to the community.

Unfortunately TFVC repos are not supported, one reason is that we’re using the endpoint for GIT repos to fetch them on Azure DevOps side.


Hi @mickaelcaro
Thank you for your answer. If I switch subscription from SonarCloud to SonarQube, will I be able to import repositories from TFVC or will I encounter same problem? I found old posts about a community supported plugin, but would this work reliably with SonarQube 8.8?

If you are creating your project manually (ie if you don’t select it from the dropdown but rather create it), then it should be working (Azure DevOps extension still support them). Otherwise now both onboarding experience, since the few latest version of SonarQube are rather similar (compare to SonarCloud), and are support git repos only.

Ok, thank you. I will try to add manually a project using SonarCloud for now

@mickaelcaro Can you please guide me to create a project manually? I tried following the steps from here “create a project manually”. The instructions are unclear, they lead me to “Execute the SonarScanner from your computer”, but I don’t understand the purpose of this since my code is hosted online and I use SonarCloud.

Hi @Alexandrascg

You may want to have a look at the documentation about our Azure DevOps extension :