SonarCloud skips test coverage in quality gate

Version SonarQube Scanner in Jenkins:

  • I want the quality gate to be in the Failed status at less than 80% test coverage
  • I have already applied additional metrics not only for the New Code, but also for the Old Code


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Thanks for all the screenshots. They’re very helpful.

What your first one shows is that only 4 lines are your PR are coverable, and that only 5 lines overall are changed. Conditions on coverage and duplications aren’t enforced on new code (i.e. in PRs) when fewer than 20 lines are changed.

It’s not clear whether you’re using SonarQube (per the category you filed this in) or SonarCloud (per your title). In SonarQube there’s an instance-level setting to turn this off, but nothing like that has been implemented in SonarCloud.


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