SonarCloud should redirect to login when trying to view a private project


We have a paid SonarCloud plan to analyze our private projects. When clicking on a direct link to view the SC project (either from a chat or github action), if the user is not logged into SC, they will get a project not found/no access page. Example:

In reality, the problem is that the user is not logged in.

SC should detect this use case and redirect the user to the login prompt.

Hey there.

Take a look at this post.

The error message is pretty explicit that it can be an issue either of project existence or of being authenticated.

Hi Colin,

I think the “You have not been granted access” is the part that is throwing my coworkers off. This implies that SC knows who I am and is telling me I don’t have access when, in actuality, SC has no idea who I am because i am logged out

A message that directs the user to login would be more helpful. Something like:

“The requested project does not exist, you have not authenticated with SonarCloud, or you have not been granted access”

Using your example, Github prominently displays the login form (an obvious CTA) when logged out.

Left: Logged out, Right: Logged In

Looking forward to your feedback

Hey there.

I see what you’re saying, I’ll pass along the feedback to the right team.

Thanks for the suggestion we fixed the message and you should see the change live tomorrow or next week.

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