Bad UI experience for unauthenticated members trying to reach a PR summary

When trying to reach a PR/project summary when being unauthenticated, the user is landed on a " The requested project does not exist." instead of getting a meaningful message OR being redirected to login.

This is causing A LOT of confusion and management overhead.

Hey there.

Take a look at this post.

And, thinking about it a little more, maybe the error message could be improved to indicate that not only a project not existing is the problem, but also a lack of access. I’ll suggest this internally.

@Colin I understand the issue, but the way it is addressed really hurt the UX and the product.

A much better approach will be redirecting the user to the login page…

As I understand it, this would mean…

  • Redirecting to the login page on every 404… which wouldn’t be desirable
  • Leak project/organization details, which is what we’re trying to avoid.

That being said, we did update the error message:

Make sure the project has been analyzed successfully, hasn’t been deleted, and that you are authenticated to SonarCloud with a user account with permission to view the project.