SonarCloud says analysis fail, but my analysis log says everything passed? AW3-_QyntcYirmzpEXKD

I am using SonarCloud with Azure DevOps plugin.

I am attempting to scan apex code - originally had a few issues with the analysis failing. But I have fixed all of those original errors, and now my analysis passes on my Build Pipeline in Azure DevOps.

However, in SonarCloud, I still get the message that “Analysis failed” and do not see any results.

Id: AW3-_QyntcYirmzpEXKD
(which notably is NOT the id that is shown in my Pipeline log)

I have tried opening Sonarcloud in a different browser (edge vs chrome) so it does not appear to be a caching issue.

Any ideas?? I basically have no info to go on, as I see zero errors…

Ah, looks like we hit our maximum number of lines. Would be helpful get that error in plain text, rather than have to dig into a request/response!


Sorry for not responding!

Totally agree. We’re working on improving that as I’m writing this message.


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