SonarCloud - Azure Pipeline - Analysis failure

  • ALM used : GitHub Enterprise
  • CI system used (Azure DevOps)
  • Languages of the repository
    • Multiple (C#, TypeScript, SQL)
  • Error observed
Task exceeded the timeout of 2100 seconds

I’m trying the integration of SonarCloud with Azure pipeline but no luck so far. The pipeline tasks are successful but the SonarCloud analysis tasks are never successful. I can provide the task id if that is of any help.

Any help in this regard would be useful?


Hi @shivadasv , welcome to the community.

Which task is timing out please ? Can you share the logs of the execution ?

Thank you.

Hello @mickaelcaro, The task analysis Id is AXs4zEFZ7GcppkpVE4vk. I don’t see the logs anywhere for it.

@mickaelcaro Another strange thing I observed is the progress indicator is still going on even when the task has failed. Just an additional input if it helps.

Thanks @shivadasv we’re currently investigating.

Hey @shivadasv looks like the task has completed now. Can you confirm ? (still it is noted as failed).

How big are the new files you’re analysing on your main branch ?

Thanks @mickaelcaro for the swift response.
Yes. Task status is Failed. Want to find out what’s going wrong here.

The total analysis size compressed is 3MB (actual ~36MB). I would not call it as large though.

Metrics for your reference.


@mickaelcaro Thought I’ll check if you’ve any more information which could help us.

Hi @shivadasv

Haven’t found so far what is going not so well here, i’ll keep investigating.


@mickaelcaro Thanks!!
Some more information if it helps. I can login to using the GitHub credentials but not with the AzureDevOps option. I can check if this login can be setup. Just in case, if that’s an issue.