Sonarcloud said "project not found"

Hello everyone.
I have an error that didn’t happen yesterday. I used Azure DevOps and tasks for SonarCloud. When the pipeline runs the ‘SonarCloudAnalyze’ task, I receive the error message ‘##[error]ERROR: Project not found. Please check the ‘sonar.projectKey’ and ‘sonar.organization’ properties, the ‘SONAR_TOKEN’ environment variable, or contact the project administrator.’ The project exists, the parameters are correct, the service connection token and PAT are valid. Do you have any ideas?

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You say this happened yesterday? If so, you should make sure you’ve set up the SONAR_TOKEN envvar.

If this happened today, it’s possibly related to this:


This started happening to us this morning after 10AM Central Today on all our projects. No code changes, etc to our Azure DevOps pipelines.

We noticed this also in our azure devops pipeline, just before 15.00 (GMT+1) everything was good, after 15:30 (GMT+1) we also got the same error.
We didn’t change anything in our pipeline :frowning:

Hi @Hader @jthunt @FreddyGroen

I just want to be sure I understand the impact – are you just receiving an error message in our build summary, or is the task failing?

Hi Colin.

Task is successful and we are seeing analysis in Sonarcloud. We are just seeing the errors in the build summaries. A big wall of messages.

Thanks for letting me know @jthunt.

These should be gone tomorrow, and we apologize for the noise.

They are the result of a mitigation to an incident that was causing analysis to fail completely. To us, this is the better option and has no effect on the quality of your analysis (just the cleanliness of your build summary!)

No, the task doesn’t fail, it still shows the error, but when I go to the SoundCloud portal, no information is loaded, and all quality gate validations remain at 0.

We see the same problem with multiple organizations. Thank you for your response.

Hey @Hader @jthunt @FreddyGroen and @david.ullrich

Check out this post (long story short: you should no longer see these error messages as of this morning)

No more errors here, thank you.

Without errors, thank you very much.