SonarCloud PR decoration with maven not working


(Aleksandr Linkov) #1

Hi, I try to configurate SonarCloud + GitHub for PullRequest decoration.
I use this instruction, but there is no comments from Sonar in my PR.

My config:

  • Provider: Github
  • CI: Travis
  • Sonar version : Sonarcloud
  • Source code language : Java
  • Code coverage : JaCoCo
    I use Maven plugin for integration with Sonar

I don’t have any warnings in Sonar.

I tried add secured token in configuration and clear, I tried to reinstall application in github properties, I tried to recreate token and I tried any configurations in sonar plugin.

(Aurélie Boiteux-Cabourdin) #2

Hi Alexandr,

Could you clarify those points please :

  • Do you see a link to your GitHub PR in the top right screen of your PR in SonarCloud ? Like this :
  • Are there any warnings on SonarCloud for your PR analysis ? If yes, what are they saying ?


(Aleksandr Linkov) #4

Hi Aurélie,
There is no warnings


(Aurélie Boiteux-Cabourdin) #5

Hi Alexandr,

That’s a good start :slight_smile:

What do you see in GitHub for your PR ? Do you see Checks of SonarCloud in the tab “Checks” ?

Note that PR decoration now happen in Checks on GitHub and there are no more comments in the Conversation tab.

Are you using the Travis-CI addon to set up your analysis? It’s pretty straightforward, you can have a look at our example :

Hope that helps

(Aleksandr Linkov) #7

Hi, Aurélie
In checks all ok.

I’ve tried to configure comments in conversation, but now it is not possible.

Thank you!