SonarCloud not working in Edge browser

Myself and some colleagues are finding we cannot open Sonar Cloud in the Edge browser but we can open it in Chrome. We each have two email account names. One for generic company work and a seperate email account for Azure DevOps. Sonar cloud needs to open up with the Azure DevOps email but Edge has the ‘work’ email defined as the linked email in Edge.
I’ve tried clearing cache and then trying to open Sonar Cloud with a different account (My devOps account) but all I get is the Sonar spinning wheel displayed and Sonar never loads. Colleagues are getting the same issue. Any ideas what to try next?

Which Edge do you use? With the new Edge based on Chromium it works fine for me on SonarQube 8.2. As far as I remember I had also some issues with the old Edge.

Version is Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 Not sure if it is the newest version.

No, current build seems to be Version 83.0.478.64. Version 44 is probably the old one.