SonarCloud not showing metrics

Good morning:

One of our customers had open a ticket because they had no metrics in their projects:

This problem is due to recent changes in SonarCloud, either in the Clean Code Taxonomy itself or in the way metrics are presented in the user interface.

According to the UI, a “Run a new analysis to compute the missing data” is required.

I think it is inconvenient for customers to have to rerun their piping systems just to recalculate the metrics. For some of them, re-running the pipelines has a cost on their CI/DC systems.

Since metrics are computed server-side and the analysis data is available, couldn’t it be recalculated automatically?

This has also happened in the latest upgrade to SonarQube 10.4. While this might be manageable in the on-premise version of Sonar, because we/they can control when to update and therefore face this recomputes, in a cloud-based version raises some worries.

Should our customers be concerned about this happening more often? There is a way for us to know when this is going to happen in order to be prevented?



Hi @mbastardo.excentia

Indeed we introduced in a recent release the new Clean Code Taxonomy in the overall code section of the branch summary. In the meantime we added new measures that haven’t been computed before. Since they are new and have never been introduced before, the only way to compute those metrics is to run an analysis.
We launched the computations before we released the feature in order to have the majority of projects analyzed by then.
If the metrics are not displayed, it means that an analysis has not been running for a long time which we don’t encourage. Analysis needs to run frequently to have the latest value updated and to really monitor the project closely.
I understand the inconvenience for your customers, it is not something that we usually do and in the future we plan to prevent this from happening.

Thanks and sorry again for the inconvenience.



Hi, Alexander, thank you for your reply.

I understand the problem. But, indeed, hours after my message SonarQube 10.5 was released. In SonarQube 10.5 we have this new warning, telling us calculations had changed and therefore, we should be aware it may not be accurate:

I see eye to eye analises should be run frequently but I also believe since the problem was already fixed in SQ 10.5, maybe it could have been implemented directly in SonarCloud. Customers won’t be alarmed although they are warned it may not be the most accurate metric.

Thank you for taking us into account :slight_smile:



Indeed, it has been implemented in SonarQube, and we plan to also implement it on SonarCloud in the short term.



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