SonarCloud not creating GitHub PRs if initial notification failed

We have a private repository that is setup with 2 checks required for merging: CI pipeline checks, Sonar checks. In this case the Sonar check is 100% done by SonarCloud.

This morning a new PR was opened but neither Sonar or the CI system got notified that the PR was created. We suspect it was a bug on the side since neither services detected the new PR.

To trigger the CI system we updated the PR description on the UI, triggering a new notification event, and the CI system picked it up, but not SonarCloud. The PR was still missing from the PRs list on the SonarCloud side.

Our ‘fix’ was to Close the PR, then re-open it. This sent a PR opened notification to SonarCloud and it picked it up. Our CI system was also notified but since it had already checked the same commit it did not trigger a new check, as expected.

I do suspect that when the PR description was updated that SonarCloud did receive a notification but it is probably only acknowledging notifications that a PR was open or that a new commit was pushed. I suggest that the logic be updated to treat any notification about an unknown PR (except close/delete ones) as if a PR was created. This would help reduce confusion and blocked PRs when such PR notifications are not working 100%.

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To wrap up on this thread: I could not track back @sodul’s specific issues to a root cause. However, we know that some problems related to our GitHub integration where existing at the time of the issue. These should be resolved now.

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