SonarCloud Login with GitHub + SAML

Our companies IT infrastructure is running entirely in Google Cloud. We are planning on using GitHub Enterprise for source code control and we would use GCP as our identity provider to log into GitHub via SAML.

Since we are also interested in using SonarCloud for static code analysis, my question now is about the login into SonarCloud. If I understand you are relying completely on external identity providers like GitHub. Would it be possible to use our GitHub Enterprise Account to log into SonarCloud even if we use an external identity provider to log into GitHub?

Hello @patrickpodbregar, SonarCloud is designed to connect to, not to GitHub Enterprise. Therefore, we don’t support such scenario. In your case, SonarQube would be a better match since it does support SAML authentication.

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Hi @Fabrice_Bellingard, is this also true for the GitHub Enterprise Cloud? I’m not talking about an on-premise solution? We really want to avoid having to host SonarQube on our own.

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