SonarCloud java coverage suddenly zero as of today

As of today, January the 7th. Our SonarCloud java analysis have started failing due to 0% coverage reported in SonarCloud. This is incorrect. Jacoco succesfullyl analyses and reports the coverage (just as before) but the data is not correctly parsed by sonarcloud.

reliability_rating => OK ( Actual : 1 GT Error : 1 )
security_rating => OK ( Actual : 1 GT Error : 1 )
sqale_rating => OK ( Actual : 1 GT Error : 1 )
new_coverage => ERROR ( Actual : 0.0 LT Error : 75 )
coverage => ERROR ( Actual : 0.0 LT Error : 75 )
new_duplicated_lines_density => OK ( Actual : 0.0 GT Error : 2 )

jacoco.exec loaded in IntelliJ will show correct coverage.

I cant find any customer id anywhere, but im a paying customer under name “V.O.F. Arkhitekton”.

Please fix what has been broken as this is blocking our workflow.

Kind regards,

Tobias Groothuyse

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Hello @groothuyse,

Is your project public? Could you share the logs of the analysis that runs in your CI? You can send it through a private message if it contains private information.


Hi @TomVanBraband,

My project is private. I’d like to send you a PM, but I don’t see where I can do that, not from you profile it seems to me…


@groothuyse confirmed that they are using the JaCoCo .exec format for their coverage reports.

We deployed an update to our Java analyzer today, and that included the following ticket: where we dropped support for importing the jacoco.exec coverage reports.

The following reason is given:

We know that the .exec file is not an exchange format. This is an internal format used by JaCoCo developers. It is not at all recommended to use it for integration purpose.
Because of that, we want to get rid of the support of the .exec file format and rely only on the XML one.

This feature has been deprecated for quite some time, and warnings should have been reported in the SonarCloud UI.

Switching to the Jacoco XML format should fix your issues.


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Hey Tom,
thanks for your reply. I changed the tasks in the way it is proposed in the issue but the coverage is still 0%. Did I miss something?


Hi @derTobsch,

It seems that the configuration of the jacoco-maven-plugin is not completely correct, I found this line in the logs

[INFO] — jacoco-maven-plugin:0.8.5:report (default-cli) @ urlaubsverwaltung —
53[INFO] Skipping JaCoCo execution due to missing execution data file.


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k, it does work now, but than the information in the issue are wrong?

Here is my fix