Coverage showing as 0 after running analyzer

Sonarqube 7.7
Jenkins pipeline configured jenkins-2.164.2

reporting tool used : Jacoco plugin is added in the jenkins pipeline


could you share a bit more what you are trying to achieve ?
Are you scanning java code ?
How are you generating the jacoco report ? How did you configure the jacoco report path ? Could you share the logs of the analysis ?
With so little information it is very hard to understand what your problem is and even harder to help you out.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Nicolas,

I’m having the same issue, the code coverage shows a 0%

I’m scanning java code using the default Sonayway. Not sure whether the reports are generated, if so, not sure where they exists. Can you please advise how I can configure this to show this SonarQube UI?

PS: Using SonarScanner CLI Jenkins Slave agent to scan the code in Jenkins Pipeline


Could you please share some logs of the analysis ? What does the part about coverage in the logs is telling you ? is there any error message or warning about something missing ?

I don’t see any errors in the logs. It is just that I don’t see any code coverage in SonarQube web UI.

Please share your logs.
Please provide more information about how you setup coverage analysis, what you are doing and what you tried to circumvent the problem.
There is not enough information in your posts to be able to help you or understand if something is not working.