SonarCloud GitHub Action action

Tried to update a windows-latest workflow to the latest SonarCloud implementation and got an error that the Container action only works on Ubuntu.

Is it going to be made to work on Windows in the near future ?

Judging by this guide, it seems to me that workflows on windows-latest should work. Can you please clarify how your case is different from what’s described in the guide, and what exactly is not working, with more details about the error?

I can confirm from my own experience that the SonarCloud Github action is Linux only:

The guide I wrote that @janos linked to is not using the official GH Action but downloads the Sonar Wrapper and Scanner binaries and call them directly.

@janos can you work with the maintainers of sonarcloud-github-action to document the lack of Windows support (paths in the generated test reports would not translate obviously), and it can point to my guide as an alternative.

GitHub Actions run on macOS and I have not tested that part, but since macOS is Unix (it is officially certified), then sonarcloud-github-action should be able to work except I believe docker is not provided on macOS runners per:

I think if the action were to be converted to NodeJS (or whatever the recommended OS neutral language is for Actions), then support for Linux, macOS and Windows would be possible.


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