Sonarcloud freeze on bitbucket

  • ALM Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI system used Bitbucket Cloud
  • Languages of the repository : ruby
    Hello there ,
    i’m having an issue with sonarcloud on a ruby project on bitbucket . the sonarcloud analyses worked fine for a while without any problems and then it just stopped . i don’t get any errors the pipeline just runs for hours until it times out . since i was using the default bitnucket sonarcloud pipe i reached out to Atlassian . they run several analyses and came out with the conclusion that it’s a problem on the sonarcloud side and that the pipe waits for a response until it times out every time .

any idea what might have caused this and how to resolve it ?


Sorry for the late reply. Do you still face this issue or has it been resolved?
Which version of the sonarcloud pipe are you using?
Could you also please share the logs of the sonarcloud pipeline step please?
If the project is private you can send it to me by private message.